How to Migrate Zoho Mail to Gmail? Using Free Solution

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Although we all know that both Zoho Mail and Gmail are popular when it comes to email management. As both of them provide worthy features for sending and receiving emails with attachments. However, users still prefer to transfer email from Zoho to Gmail accounts. This mostly happens when the requirements and other factors are met. Hence, in this article, we will discuss how to migrate Zoho Mail to Gmail accounts with all possible solutions.

Migration may be required even though both Zoho Mail and Gmail provide similar services to the users. Because Gmail sounds far better than Zoho Mail.

Also, the reason for this migration may be the major users using Google mail services across the globe. And it also provides its users with various features and easy-to-use GUI which attracts the users to transfer Zoho account to Gmail.

Manual Solution to Migrate Email from Zoho to Gmail

Technically, there is no direct manual way to perform this migration, therefore, you will need to forward your emails by performing the following steps-

  1. So, log in to the Zoho account and tap on the Mail > Settings gear icon from the top. Go to the Mail accounts and IMAP access section, and enable it. Also, note down all the details of the IMAP configuration details for forwarding your emails.
  2. After these steps, sign in to the Gmail account to which you want to forward your Zoho emails. From the interface, click See All Settings >> Accounts and Import tab >> Add another email address.
  3. From the new dialog box, simply enter the Zoho account email address to migrate Zoho Mail to Gmail. Additionally, uncheck the “Treat as an alias” check box, and tap Next Step.
  4. In this step, you need to enter for the SMTP server. Also, change the port value to 465 from the options. In the below section, enter Zoho email id as username and password, and click on Add Account option.
  5. Now, login to your Zoho mail account from the new pop-up, tap on Mail account > Enter Gmail email id in Add new email forwarding section. In the IMAP Access section, select the Enable option. Here, note down all the details of the IMAP configuration. Now, tap on the Verify button to add the account.
  6. Upon performing these steps, you will receive a verification email on your Gmail account. Simply copy the verification code and enter the code in your Zoho mail account and click on confirm button to forward emails.
  7. Once done with these steps, open Zoho email account again, and click on the confirmation link in the email that you have received.

In this way, the process of forwarding Zoho mail to Gmail in a manual way is done, now you can access your Zoho email in Gmail account.

Major Drawbacks: For this manual method, only new messages that you receive in your Zoho Mail account will be forwarded to your Gmail account. Also, it is necessary to have technical knowledge to complete the work with this method.

Don’t Put Data at Risk – Use Expert-Recommended Solution to Migrate Zoho Mail to Gmail

However manual solution for this migration is not quite feasible so it is better to switch to some other solution. With data security in mind, we suggest you choose Migrator Wizard IMAP Migration.

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As this software will help you to do the migration in batch which will also keep all the folder structure the same. It would be great to migrate Zoho mail to Gmail using this tool through a high-end process that has been tried and tested by technical experts.

Furthermore, to add more value, the process featuring zero downtime will carry out to protect the data from any issue. Hence, it will never disrupt your business data.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Migrate Zoho Mail to Gmail Using the Reliable Way

First, download the tool on your Mac operating system, and then launch it, follow the steps-

Step 1. From the initial interface of the software, complete all the prerequisites for migration, and tap on the Continue button.

download tool

Step 2. Choose Zoho Mail or choose Other and provide user details, and validate it.

add zoho mail

Step 3. Next, choose the Gmail option and enter the user details, validate it as well.

Migrate Zoho Mail to Gmail

Step 4. If you want to go for selective migration, then apply the advanced filter for migration.


Step 5. Mouse-click on the Start Migration option and wait for the migration process to complete.

start process

Step 6. Once the tool completes the transfer process it will notify with a message on the screen, tap OK button.

Migrate Zoho Mail to Gmail

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Users prefer to switch to different platforms because of popularity or for better results. And in this article, we have discussed how to move Zoho Mail to Gmail in a better way. However, for this migration, we have shared both manual and professional solutions. Both the solutions are pre-tested but due to time-consuming and security issues automated Zoho to Gmail migration tool is much better than the manual one. Though we recommend you choose the software, however, you can go for the solution as per your requirements.