Migrate Zoho to Office 365 Account – How to Do It Securely?

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Migrating from one platform to another can be difficult and when it comes to moving from ZohoMal to Office 365, the task gets complicated for many users. Because it can be quite difficult to transfer multiple emails along with their attachments from source to target. But, when it comes to Zoho Mail and Microsoft 365, people choose O365 because of the different functionalities. So, in this article, we will share the method to migrate Zoho to Office 365 with complete data security.

Because Zoho Mail lacks those advanced functions or capabilities of Microsoft 365 which influence the users to migrate. But whatever be the situation, this article is about the solution for this escape, let’s find out how.

What Makes Users to Migrate?

The question is what compels users to migrate to Microsoft 365 when Zoho Mail is offering the facility to store emails, contacts, calendar etc. The answer to this question can be-

The major concern of all the businesses or organizations is the storage space to manage the data. Hence, Zoho Mail is the most suitable service if you are handling a micro or non-scale organization. But, when it comes to large scale organizations then Microsoft 365 saves a lot of users to prevent any data loss situation. So, if your business is expanding its operations then it would be great to migrate Zoho to Office 365.

Moreover, efficiency is quite important for any business. Therefore, being able to communicate, create with collaboration features makes any organization more effective. And Microsoft 365 provides such features to its users.

Unlike other email services, Office 365 provides a secure cloud environment with strong security measures. As such it lets its users have two-factor authentication, which ensures that no unauthorized user can access your files.

How Do I Migrate Zoho to Office 365 / Microsoft 365?

There are practically two ways that you can use for the Zoho mail to Office 365 migration.

One is manual method, and the other is automated process by using professional tool.

Let’s focus on each one of them one by one in detail, and know the procedure to do this migration in a secure way without data loss.

Manually Migrate Zoho Mail to Microsoft 365 for a Single User

  1. Log in to Zoho Mail and in the new dialog box choose Settings > Mail > Import/Export Email Options.
  2. Then, tap Export to extract the emails. And if required choose the date range to migrate your emails from Zoho Folder. Select the subfolders folder or select the entire mailbox as needed. After Settings all details, click Export and wait for the export to complete. Once done, it will send you a link to download the email, click on it to migrate Zoho to Office 365.
  3. Items from Zoho Mail mailbox will be migrated in .eml format which can be imported into Outlook application first. Then, you can export this file in PST format to later import the resulting file into Office 365 by Drive Shipping or Network Upload method.

Few Limitations of Manual Method

The manual migration process can be done free of cost. However, this method has several drawbacks while doing the migration, such as-

  1. When using this method, there is a high chance of loss of data integrity, especially if the email contains some attachments.
  2. Also, we do not suggest you to go for this method because the more data there is, the slower the migration process will be.
  3. Similarly, when multiple inbuilt filters are used during Zoho to Office 365 migration, there are high chances of data corruption.
  4. However, it has many steps, so it will need to be done carefully, it requires technical knowledge.

So, keeping all these drawbacks of the manual method in mind, it is better to use tools that can do the migration. Because its features, working steps, and thus the success rate differ for each tool. That’s why, here, we will provide the best software in the next section.

What Is Best Way to Migrate Multiple User Accounts Emails?

If you are wondering what can be the best approach for Zoho to Office 365 migration, we suggest you to go for the automated solution. And the most secure solution is Migrator Wizard IMAP Migration.

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It is best because it provides what it says, in short this tool completes the migration with complete protection of data. Also, it never modifies the existing data of any email service nor does it save your information in its data.

Furthermore, this software comes with the simplest GUI interface that can be easily used by non-technical or technical users to get the job done. Along with an easy-to-understand interface, the tool offers a range of features that you can use to filter migrations.

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How to Use Tool to Migrate Zoho to Office 365? Steps

Download the Zoho Mail to Office 365 Migration Tool on supported Windows OS versions. After downloading it, install the tool and follow the steps-

  • From the interface, select the IMAP option as the source account and Office 365 as the target accounts.

download tool to Migrate Zoho to Office 365

  • From the And drop-down section, check the Email check box, and set the date range as required.


  • Moving to the next step, it will ask you to select the source account, so here select the Zoho Mail option. Then it will take you to the next screen where you need to enter the Zoho user’s credentials and validate it.

choose zoho

  • In the next section, the same case applies for the destination account. Hence, select the Office 365 option and enter the user details to validate the permissions.

Migrate Zoho to Office 365

  • Once all the permissions are validated, tap on Import Users or Download Template options to fetch them for concurrent migration.


  • After all the steps, click on Start Migration option and the tool will start Zoho Mail migration to Office 365/Microsoft 365.

Migrate Zoho to Office 365

Concluding Lines

Through this article, we tried to solve the query of “How to migrate Zoho to Office 365”. Where we have shared both manual and professional solutions to achieve this task in a better way. Here, to make it more convenient we have also described the benefits of Zoho Mail to Office 365 migration and step by step guide to do so. So, it is up to you whether to opt for manual or expert recommended software for quick migration. However, we suggest you to choose automated software which provides the final result without data modification.