How to Merge Two SharePoint Sites – A Complete Step by Step Guide

Stephen King ~ Modified: January 15th, 2024 ~ SharePoint ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Synopsis: This blog is presented for users to merge two SharePoint Sites together using the most preferred solution. The complete tutorial is described below along with genuine user queries. In addition, there are some tips as well that experts suggest to all the users.

As a market research, We found that as per users, it’s quite tough for them to merge their two different Sharepoint Sites. However, the actual solution is very smooth. It’s just that users aren’t aware of the right method. There is no manual solution available for users to do so. Let’s have a look at ser queries to understand the problem in detail & then move towards the solutions.

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User Queries to Combine Two SharePoint Sites in Depth

Hello Stephen, I am asking this question to you as I need to merge two of the SharePoint Sites. Earlier we use to have two suits for sub-divisions of the same department. Now, as these divisions are combined, we need to merge the Sites as well. Please explain the most reliable solution just like your other tutorials.
Andrew Smith, USA

“Is there any way by which I can merge SharePoint Sites? As a system admin, I need to execute this task but I’m unable to find a reliable solution. Suggest to me any trusted method to do so. I would appreciate your help.”
Kagiso Synman, South Africa

Just like the above query, we have another query that we took from a Forum:- 

user query

Based on these user queries, we can understand that users are not aware of all the methods. Therefore, Let’s look at the most trusted solution for this task.

Merge Two SharePoint Sites Using an Automated Solution

Since there are no direct manual solutions available for this method, hence experts recommend the automated solution to users. Here, the Migrator Wizard SharePoint Online Migration Tool can be the perfect choice for users.

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This automated tool allows users to execute the mailbox migration as well along with the task to merge SharePoint Sites. Moreover, it has plenty of features like a date filter for selective merge of Sites & batch migration, etc. Also, if users want to perform the SharePoint Online tenant-to-tenant migration, this solution is capable of that.

Software Steps to Merge or Connect Two SharePoint Sites  

Step 1. Launch the Software and Choose Office 365 as the Source and Destination migration platform.

launch tool

Step 2. Enable the Checkbox named “Sites” in the Workload Selection area. Use the built-in date filter option to merge data selectively.

enable sites

Step 3. Log in with a valid Office 365 admin credential. Validate your Office 365 credentials for both source and destination.

Step 4. Map your Source and Destination Sites using three options Fetch site, import site, and download template. Furthermore, click on the validate button to validate the required permission.

Step 5. Finally, Hit the Start Migration button at the top to finish.

By following all these five steps carefully, users can easily get the best-in-class solution without any issues. The major reasons users should trust this utility are:

  • Data Integrity
  • Simplified Process
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Variety of Advanced Features.
  • An Affordable & Budget-Friendly Solution.

Most Valuable Tips to Merge Two SharePoint Sites

To avoid any errors, users must make a strategy in the first place. Therefore, the following tips can help users to minimize the risks & maximize their chances of success.

  • Scope Analysis – Before merging the SharePoint Sites, it’s crucial to understand the scope & needs. Such factors help users understand whether it is worth executing such a task or not.
  • Strategy Building – To combine two SharePoint Sites, users must have a strategy. Without a detailed strategy, there is no way that users can get the results in an error-free manner.
  • Communication – The next step is to train the staff for the upcoming changes & inform the management of the same. Management’s approval is a must before taking such a step in an organization.
  • Security Standards – Make sure to keep a backup of the data files in advance. This will help users in case anything goes wrong. Having an additional copy of files is very crucial.
  • Pilot Project – Before you proceed to the main merging task, run a demo task to cross-check if everything is working as per the plan. This way, users can easily find the loopholes to merge two SharePoint Sites.
  • Track Migration – Finally, tracking the exact project at every stage is what users need. This way, users can estimate the time remaining. Also, it helps in reacting quickly in case of any unwanted scenario.


We are finally at the end of this article after successfully learning how to merge two SharePoint Sites. We’re hoping that all queries of users are now resolved. This is all because of the automated solution.

The right method can help us to get the desired solution easily. Therefore, if users are having trouble, they must be using the false method or doing any steps the wrong way. The automated solution eliminates the chances of error by a big margin. 


Q 1. Can we merge 2 SharePoint sites manually?

Ans: No, there is no direct solution available. If you want to operate this using the manual way then you should be technically sound and should possess similarities with PowerShell scripts. However, if you are a naive or nontechnical user then you can opt for the above-discussed automated method. Using it you can easily merge two SharePoint sites in just 5 steps.

  • Step 1. Download and launch the software on a PC.
  • Step 2. Opt for Office 365 as a source and destination.
  • Step 3. Enable sites and required fields and set filter.
  • Step 4. Login with credentials and validate permission.
  • Step 5. Select the required SharePoint site and hit start.

Q 2. How to copy one SharePoint Site to another?

Ans: There are two ways to do so. Users can combine two SharePoint Sites automatically or use the template method available in SharePoint.

Q 3. Is SharePoint List & Document Library different?

Ans: Yes, The SharePoint Lists & Document library are two different items. The document library consists of documents, PDFs, attachments, PPTs, etc. Whereas, the Lists contain the data as dates, numbers, texts, etc to manage contacts, tasks, events, inventory, etc.

Q 4. How do I share files between two SharePoint sites?

Ans: This is different from learning how to merge two SharePoint Sites. The Copy Link is a feature of SharePoint that can help users in this case.