Three Ways to Move SharePoint Site to Another Site Without Hassles

move SharePoint Site to another Site
Stephen King ~ Modified: May 6th, 2023 ~ Migration ~ 7 Minutes Reading

Indeed, it’s quite a challenging task to move SharePoint Site to another Site for a new user. However, proficient users are aware of a couple of ways. This article consists of the top three reliable solutions users can use based on their requirements, urgency, resources & other factors. In addition, we’re going to discuss the pros & cons of these methods along with some tips.

Now, before we dive directly into the solutions, let’s have a look at some of the user queries to know what exactly users want in order to move SharePoint Online Site to another Site. We are sure that by the end of this article, users can easily get the solution that perfectly matches their requirements.

Move SharePoint Site to Another Site Collection – User Queries

I have a total of 4 sites that I need to migrate to another site on Sharepoint. Now, the problem is that my budget is only $700 & I’m unable to find a genuine utility. Please suggest a solution that lies in this budget & if there’s a manual freeway, it’s even better.
Richard Gorman, General Manager

Hello, I’m Christopher Santos from L.A, United States. It’s been a week since I recently joined my first job as a system administrator. It was going well until I got a task from my seniors to move SharePoint Site to another Site really quickly. I was aware of a manual solution but I’m aware of its inefficiency. Therefore, Please explain any fast & reliable solution available. It would be a great help. Thank you!!
Christopher Santos, IT Administrator

Is there any complete manual solution available for my exact needs of migrating the SharePoint Site & its components to another Site in the same SharePoint? Although I don’t trust automated solutions but several experts suggested that in this case, automated solutions are way better. Please provide a genuine solution.
Clark Johnson 

All of these user queries are taken into consideration & now we are going to explain the automated solution first. To provide quick results, automated solutions are the best. Therefore, let’s start with that followed by the manual methods available.

Move SharePoint Site to Another Site Automatically

As users were requesting an automated solution that can quickly get the task done, here it is. Moreover, this is one of the most affordable automated methods that perfectly fits the user query. Here, all that users need is a SharePoint Online Migration Tool for their task. This is so far the best mailbox migration tool present in the market.

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Download the tool & then follow the below-mentioned steps carefully to move SharePoint Online Site to another Site.

Step-1. Launch the Tool & Select Office 365 as their Source & Destination platform.

begin to move SharePoint Online Site to another Site

Step-2. Enable the Sites checkbox in the Workload Selection to continue further.

select sites

Step-3. Enter the Office 365 Credentials & then Validate them as well.

enter credentials

Step-4. Map the Source & Destination Sites as per the requirements & Validate them.

click validate

Step-5. Hit the Start Migration button to complete the task easily.

click start to move SharePoint Site to another Site

This is quite an easy solution & so far the only one without any critical disadvantages. In addition, it is very cost-efficient as well.

Move SharePoint Online Site to Another Site Using Template Method

This method is the manual one & therefore it comes with certain drawbacks. One of these drawbacks is that users can only use this method for small-sized Sites. Let’s move further & understand how this method works.

In order to understand this method, We are dividing this into two stages. This way, users can easily understand this method without any issues.

Stage 1: Create A Site Template

  1. Open SharePoint & Go to the Active Sites option.
  2. Choose the Site option & then Hit the Site Settings button.
  3. Now, under the site actions tab, Click on the Save Sites feature.
    save site as template
  4. Here, Enter the Template Name & Description to save these files 
  5. Enable the Include Content checkbox & then Click on the OK button.
    select include content

Stage 2: Uploading the Site Template

  1. Click on the Site Settings to begin this stage.
  2. Go to Web Designer Galleries, & Select Solution option.
  3. Now, Hit the Upload button in the Commands Group to proceed.
  4. Hit the Browse button & then simply Select your desired Template.
  5. Finally, Click on the Activate button in the Commands to complete the task.

Content Structure Manual Method – Only for Expert Users

This method right here is quite complex & therefore users need to pay extra attention to move SharePoint Site to another Site this way. Follow the below-mentioned steps for moving SharePoint Sites using this method without any difficulties.

Step-1. Firstly, Go to the Root of Site Collection.

Step-2. Choose the Content & Structure option.

select content & structure

Step-3. In the New Window, Right Click on Site.

Step-4. Now, Choose the Move/Copy command.

select copy or move

Step-5. Select Destination and Click on the OK.

set destination

Step-6. The migration of Sites is completed now.

move SharePoint Site to another Site Collection

Pros & Cons of All These Three Methods

Let’s have a look at the pros & cons of all these methods to move SharePoint Online Site to another Site without any hassles. Being aware of these facts, users can easily take a good decision in selecting the best solution for their migration project.

Automated Method:


  • It’s  A Safe & Reliable Solution
  • Suitable for Small & Large Sized Sites
  • Easy Solution with Interactive Dashboard
  • Advanced Features like Date Filter & Batch Migration
  • Allows SharePoint Online Tenant to Tenent Migration
  • Get A Complete Status Report at the End of the Migration


  • It’s Not Free But Offers An Affordable Plan

Template Method:


  • Good for Small Sites.
  • No Need to Download Any Additional Software


  • No Advanced Features are Available
  • Not Suitable with Large SharePoint Sites (More than 50MB)

Content Sturcture Method:


  • Suitable for Both Small & Large Sites


  • No batch Migration or Date Filters
  • High Risk of Data Loss Present
  • Quite A Complex Solution for Users

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Quick Tips for Users to Move SharePoint Site to Another Site Collection

In order to make the entire SharePoint Sites migration task seamless, there are several tips that can be fruitful for users. Adhering to these suggestions, users can easily eliminate all the errors at the initial stages themselves.

Source & Destination Preparation

Preparing the Source & destination sites is the most crucial aspect of this task. Moreover, in cross-tenant migration, users must pay extra attention to avoid all issues. Evaluate & organize the content in a simplified way without any errors.

Training & Communication

It’s quite important for admins to communicate with all levels of management in order to make the process smooth. Providing necessary training to the users is equally important in order to make them aware of the upcoming changes.

Tracking the Migration

When users move SharePoint Site to another Site Collection, it’s a good practice to track the migration at every stage. Compare if the planned & actual migration is synced or not. This is a perfect way to analyze the gap & find errors quickly if there are any.

360° Data Security

The utmost aim for users is to get the task done with proper data security. This is why the automated solution is experts’ first preference as it protects the data from potential threats. Also, it avoids all data loss or corruption chances. Users must take this point seriously.

The Final Say

In the end, we can conclude this article on the note that users can easily move SharePoint Site to another Site only if they are very well aware of the right solution. It’s not necessary that all the solutions fit perfectly for every user. Based on their needs, users need to select their method wisely. By following all the instructions mentioned above, users can easily get the desired results without any difficulties.