Simple Steps to Move Channels Between Teams Efficiently

move channels between teams
Michael ~ Modified: February 14th, 2024 ~ Microsoft Teams ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Overview: This guide is all about the steps to move channels between Teams. All the required steps are discussed in detail along with the challenges. A mostly occurred query of administrators to migrate Teams to another Teams is also elaborated with the solution.

Microsoft Teams is the one that is used to improve collaboration in organizations. There are different advanced features incorporated in Microsoft Teams including posts, channels, teams, video-conferencing, and many more. Microsoft Teams was not so much packed with the latest features during the early days. Due to this, the users can also access it easily. But as per Microsoft policy, regular updates in their apps. Then the Teams is also updated and comes with the new features. One of the most effective features of Microsoft Teams is the channels to separate the posts from the other members.

However, there are different scenarios in which users need to transfer channels to another team. So, through this write-up, you will get to know the reasons faced by the users to move channels between Teams along with the required steps.

Why Migrate Teams channel to Another Team?

Let’s see the reasons why users have no choice rather to move channels to another team.

1. As per the project requirements different departments of the organization are involved in the project. So, moving the channel to another team improves the coordination between the members and produces better results.

2. When the project is nearest to completion then all the work related to the project needs to be submitted to the assigned team. So, to maintain all the history and to submit the complete details to the team, migrating the channel is the best option.

3. When the teams are reconstructing for project then transferring all the details to the newly constructed team is possible by transferring the channel to the team.

4. When sharing the same channel to manage the work then there is a need to migrate the channel to the team who have assigned that work after the department’s separation.

Steps to Move Channels Between Teams

Microsoft Teams offers an inbuilt feature to transfer channels to another team. But before executing the steps firstly make sure that you have ownership of both Teams. Let’s see these manual steps in detail.

  • Step 1. Log in to Microsoft Teams and open the management console.
  • Step 2. Look for the team of which channel you want to move.
  • Step 3. Hit on the Manage option to show the list of channels in the team.
  • Step 4. Now choose the channel that needs to be migrated. Click on the Move option.
  • Step 5. Search the destination team where the channels should be migrated and then Continue.

All the above are steps that you can use to move channels between Teams. However, the process of transferring channels to another team is not as simple as it looks like.

Challenges to Migrate Teams Channel to Another Team

Several challenges occurred during the process some of them are as follows:-

  • If the public and private channels have more data such as posts, attachments, and many more. Then the process takes more than usual time which leads to downtime.
  • As the channels need to migrate manually then there is the possibility of human errors as well. Due to this, the data might be lost or produce inconsistent results.
  • Migrating multiple channels to the new team can create confusion and then there is no surety that channels are migrated to the right team.
  • Sometimes the Microsoft Teams Chat disappeared issue is also occurs.

Now, you are aware of how to move channels between Teams. But what if your organization merges with another organization? Then, you need to migrate Teams from one tenant to another. But how to achieve this? So, here we have a solution to successfully migrate your Microsoft Teams to another Teams account with the channels.

Move Channels from One Microsoft Teams to Another

For several reasons, organizations merge with others. In that situation, The Teams administrator goes for the Migrator Wizard Microsoft Teams Migration Tool to transfer the complete data to another Teams account such as channels, Teams, posts, files, and many more. The tool is designed in such a way that even non-tech users can operate this tool easily.

As per the organization’s crucial data, it also maintains complete data integrity and security throughout the process. By using this tool, the data is moved to the destination without hassle. It is also advised to follow the Microsoft Teams Migration Checklist before starting to migrate Teams channel to another team.

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Steps to Switch Between Microsoft Teams

Step 1. Download the Run tool on the system. Choose Office 365 for both Source and Destination platforms.

source and destination account
Step 2. Tick the checkboxes of Teams and Groups.

workload section
Step 3. Now in the Source tab, complete the required credentials for the Office 365 account. Validate the Source account details and then Next.

source credentials
Step 4. In the Destination tab, enter the destination Office 365 account credentials. Now, validate all the entered details and then move to Next.

destination credentials
Step 5. Fetch the required users into the tool by using the Fetch Users, Import Users, and Download template.

load users
Step 6. Fetch the Teams into the tool by Fetch Teams, Import Teams, and Download template options.

load teams
Step 7. Finally hit on the Start Migration button to complete the process.

start migration


Nowadays, administrators are struggling to move channels between Teams. That’s why through this write-up, we have explained the steps to migrate Teams channels to another team. However, in some situations, organizations also need to migrate to another tenant. To do so we have also elaborated an administrator-chosen automated tool for the seamless migration.