How to Move Files from One Teams Channel to Another – Reliable Approach

Move Files from One Teams Channel to Another
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Summary: This guide deals with the most asked queries i.e. how to move files from one Teams channel to another. Get technical insights into this complex process and learn their solutions. By the end of this guide, you will get the best way to carry out the migration in a secure environment. 

One in every four organizations is using Microsoft Teams to experience a better collaborative work environment. However, there are some unavoidable situations like company mergers/acquisitions, restructuring, etc. that demand the files & other information to be consolidated in the new Teams so that managing the same would be easier. But, the question is how to move files from one Teams channel to another.

Well, in reality, Microsoft has not come up with a direct way to transfer Teams channel files to a new channel. But here are the quick steps to follow.

And, from a technical point of view, manually migrating the Teams content is quite a complex and tedious process. Let’s understand how.

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Why Moving Files from One Teams Channel to Another is Complicated?

For starters, Teams is different from the other products of Microsoft i.e. it doesn’t store its content in one location. Rather, it stores the data at multiple places and further in different file formats. 

Let’s get the idea through an example. As you see, a copy of channel conversations is stored in a hidden Exchange group mailbox, secondly, emails shared in a channel are stored in a folder named ‘Email messages’ within the channel document library, etc.

Apart from the storage allocation API limitations also make it more challenging for Teams content migration.

For the above technical issues, it becomes very difficult to execute the operation manually. Also, it can get exhausting since you have to pick up data from various locations.

So, what is the solution then?

Efficiently Transfer Files from One Teams Channel to Another Using The Trusted Software

Well, here comes technology to your rescue. You can take the help of the Tried and Tested Microsoft Teams Migration Tool for this operation. You must be thinking about why to chose this software to transfer your Teams data. As you already know, it is tough to find a one-stop solution for data migration. However, with the help of this software, you can move not only channels but also Teams, Groups, Files, etc. Additionally, it is also important to go through the complete Teams migration checklists before executing the entire migration.  

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Smart Features of The Software Which Makes It Most Preferred Over Others

Let’s have a look at what other things can be done through the software.

  • You can migrate any type of Channel (Public, Private, and Organizational).
  • It automatically creates public channels at the destination.
  • Moreover, you can migrate messages posted on multiple channels, channel message stickers, etc. Also, the software ensures the maintenance of the timestamp of the messages post-migration.
  • In case you need to bulk migrate the Teams data to its destination then it is possible with the software.
  • Above all, you can execute Re-run migration for the items that were left behind (for whatever reason) during the initial run.

These are just a handful of solutions for Teams Channel migration. There is more to it than you think.

Now, let’s dig deeper and get to know the working procedure of the tool.

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Detailed Software Steps for Teams Move Files from One Channel to Another

For your convenience, we’ve explicitly discussed the workings of the software with screenshots.

Just follow the given steps:

Step 1. Download the above-mentioned tool and launch it on your system.


Step 2. Now, navigate to the ‘Set up’ section. Here select ‘Office 365’ as both Source and Destination.

Step 3. Next, scroll down, and mark the ‘Teams’ checkbox to move files from one Team channel to another.

Note: You may migrate the group workload by clicking on the ‘Groups’ checkbox.

Step 4. Then, in the ‘Source’ tab, provide the correct Admin Email & Application ID, and after that click on the ‘Validate’ button.


Step 5. Next, navigate to the ‘Destination’ tab, and type the target ‘Admin Email’ & ‘Application ID’. Then, click on the ‘Validate’ button.

Step 6. Now, define the source user(s) and choose any 1 option from ‘Fetch User’, ‘Import User’, ‘Download Template’

Then, you can move files from one Teams channel to another.


Step 7. After that, you will see all the source user email IDs on your screen like this.

Step 8. Next, map source and destination users. Then, click on the ‘Validate’ button & verify the required permissions.

Step 9. Now, to move files from one Teams channel to another, fetch teams using any 1 option from ‘fetch teams’, ‘import teams’, or ‘download template’. 

Step 10. Next, map the Source Teams with Destination Teams.

For that, click on ‘Create Team’ >> provide destination names.


Step 11. After that, click on the ‘validate’ button & verify both source and destination permissions.

Step 12. Now, click on the Start Migration to move files from one Teams channel to another.

Step 13. You can perform a ‘Re-run Migration’ with the help of the software. By this, you will be able to retry failed items, re-run a full migration, and migrate newly arrived items. [Just make sure to not click on ‘Mark Teams Complete’ to carry out the same.]

Step 14. Now, if you want to migrate groups, navigate to the ‘Groups’, then click on

Fetch Groups>> Enter Destination Groups emails>>  and finally, Validate permissions.


Step 15. In the end, click on Start Migration to move files from one channel to another in Teams.

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Microsoft Teams channels and their content are vital to any business. So, after a successful merger/acquisition or restructuring it becomes essential to move files from one Teams channel to another. But, unfortunately, there is no direct solution available to migrate Teams data. Hence, it is advisable to take the help of the software and smoothly perform the migration.


Q1. How to migrate files from one Teams channel to another quickly?

A. Even though you migrate a few elements of Microsoft Teams using the manual method, it will feel like a never-ending task. Because there are several prerequisites to follow, and you have to manually copy and paste all the elements from a source location to the destination Teams location. However, if you utilize the above software then you can perform the same operation using the 5 quick steps.

  • Step 1. Download, Install, and Run the Software.
  • Step 2. Select Teams & Groups from Workload.
  • Step 3. Login using Office 365 Admin Credentials.
  • Step 4. Create Mapping for Users, Teams, & Groups.
  • Step 5. Validate Permissions & Click on Start.

Q2. Can I directly move files between Teams channels?

A. You can not directly move files between Teams channels, as there is no direct move option available in Teams. You have to find the location of that specific channel and then you can copy-paste it accordingly.

Q3. What’s the best method to move files between channels in Teams?

A. The most reliable method involves downloading the file from the source channel and then uploading it to the desired channel. This ensures the file remains intact and accessible.

Q4. Can I use Microsoft Flow or Power Automate for this purpose?

A. For a few files and items, yes you can use Microsoft Flow or Power Automate to perform this task, however, it requires extensive technical expertise in both the Platforms. On the other hand