How to Create a Team in Microsoft Teams? Efficiently

create a team in Microsoft Teams
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Microsoft Teams is one of the most used apps in the industry offered by Microsoft. Microsoft Teams plays a vital role in organizations for improving communication between the team members. But the question arises of how to create a new Team in Microsoft Teams. So through this write-up, you will find the complete steps to create a Team in Microsoft Teams.

To maintain the workflow of the organizations, the Teams administrator manages the Microsoft Teams and creates the different channels as per the requirements. The channels in Microsoft Teams can be public and private as needed. Not only does the Teams improve the collaboration of the Teams members but also it is used for several benefits. Let’s elaborate on the benefit of creating a Team before going into the steps.

Importance of a Team in Organizations

  • There is an option of post through which you can post with the other members of the Team. Different types of emojis exist which make communication easier.
  • In Microsoft Teams, you can also make the phone calls using the VOIP.
    The feature of video calls is also present in Microsoft Teams which helps to interact with the other members from different locations. The background of the video is also customizable.
  • During the meeting calls on the video, you can also share the screen to convey the message that you want to deliver.
  • The files can also be shared with the team members through which the files can be edited and accessed by the other members also.
  • External collaboration in the Teams is used for the collaboration with the external business members.

These all are the benefits of Microsoft Teams in organizations. Now, let’s find the different steps to create teams in Microsoft Teams.

How to Create a Team in Microsoft Teams?

The Microsoft team can be created with different options such as a New Team, from an existing team, and a template as well. We will discuss all the methods sequentially.

Method 1. Create a New Team from Scratch.

  • Step 1. Open the Office 365 account with the credentials.
  • Step 2. Hit on the Teams option.
  • Step 3. Now choose the option of Join or Create a team.
  • Step 4. Click on the option of Create Team.
  • Step 5. On the new screen, choose the option of from scratch.
  • Step 6. Select the permissions for the team.
    • Private – Permission is required to join the team.
    • Public – Do not require permission to join the team.
    • Org-wide – Join all members of the organization automatically.
  • Step 7. After finalizing the team permissions, you need to provide the name and description of the new team and then hit on Create button.
  • Step 8. Add the users to the team.

Method 2. Create a New Team in Microsoft Teams from an Existing Team

To create the new Team with the other team settings, and data. The team from the existing team can be created.

  • Step 1. Launch the Office 365 account.
  • Step 2. Hit on the Teams option and choose Join or Create.
  • Step 3. Now choose the option “from another team”. A list of teams will appear on the screen.
  • Step 4. Select the team that you want to copy for the new team.
  • Step 5. Provide the name and description of the new team and edit the required settings. After editing the settings, click on the Create button.

Method 3. Create a Team in Microsoft Teams using Template

  • Step 1. Launch the Office 365 account.
  • Step 2. Hit on the Teams option and choose Join or Create.
  • Step 3. Hit on the Create. Choose the option of Create from the template on the new screen.
  • Step 4. Choose a template for the new Team. select the channels that you want to add to the new team. The team can be customizable after the creation.
  • Step 5. Select the type of Team from Private or Public.
  • Step 6. Assign a name and description to the new team. Now hit on the create button.

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Important Customizations in the Microsoft Teams

Below are the options that you can choose for customizing Microsoft Teams. All these are enabled by hitting the three dots.

  • Manage team – It is used to create team members, tags, and channels.
  • Add Channel – For creating a channel in the team.
  • Add Member – It is for adding more members to the team.
  • Leave the team – After setting up the team, hit on the Leave team option to leave the team.
  • Edit team – Use the edit option to edit the name, description, and settings of the team.
  • Get a link to the team – create a link to the team that can be shared with others.
  • Manage Tags – create tags for the members.
  • Delete the team – to permanently delete the team.

Now, you know how to create a team in Microsoft Teams and what are the different methods to create a team with customizations. But have you ever thought about how to migrate Teams from one tenant to another? Because there might be situations in which you need to merge with the other organization then what will happen?

So to deal with this problem we have a solution that you can use to solve this upcoming problem efficiently.

Shifting Source Teams Data to Destination Teams

The experts recommend the Migrator Wizard Microsoft Teams Migration Tool for the successful shifting of Teams data between the tenants. All of the data is shifted whether it is Channels or groups data. Different types of Teams such as Private, Public, or organization are also migrated easily. This tool manages the file and folder structure in the destination also.

You do not have to worry about the requirements to operate this tool. You can operate this tool without knowing any technicalities. This tool also generates a complete report after the process ends. So, download and use the tool for a seamless process.

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Sometimes creating a team in Microsoft Teams looks like a difficult task. That’s why through this article we have explained all the methods to create a team in Microsoft Teams and make the process easier for you. Now you can create the team by choosing any method that suits you best.

Because of the different situations, there is a need to shift the data from one platform to another. So, to perform the shifting of Team data to another tenant, you can rely on the above-mentioned tool and complete the process without any errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the quick steps to create a team in Microsoft Teams?
Ans – Follow the below steps for the quick process.

  • Step 1. Go to Teams and hit on Create button.
  • Step 2. Choose the option of “from Scratch”.
  • Step 3. Select the permission of the team.
  • Step 4. Assign the name and description to the Name and Create.

Q2. Can we customize the teams after creation?
Ans – Yes, the team can be customized after creation. Different customizations can happen such as channel, member, and many more.

Q3. Why can’t I Create a team in Microsoft Teams?
Ans – If the create option does not appear then contact the Teams Administrator. This happens because of not having the necessary permissions.

Q4. Is it possible to move the Teams data to another platform?
Ans – Yes, by using the above-mentioned tool, you can move the Teams data to another platform efficiently.