How to Change SharePoint Site From Private to Public – A Step-by-Step Guide!

Stephen King ~ Modified: July 4th, 2024 ~ SharePoint ~ 4 Minutes Reading

SharePoint sites are most commonly used in large organizations to manage employees. Creating a SharePoint site is a bit easy task while setting up the privacy methods private or public to access the sites is common. But, when you create a site with private access now you want to change SharePoint site from private to public, what to do?

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In this article, we will answer your query related to the above-mentioned situation by mentioning different procedures and steps to make a SharePoint site public to everyone in the organization. However, before answering that we will understand what a Public SharePoint site is and what is private SharePoint site. Additionally, we will also see the SharePoint site Public vs Private.

What is a Private and Public SharePoint Site?

Private SharePoint Site: It is a collaborative space within SharePoint that is only accessed by specific users who can access it. Only a person invited by the owner or added by the owner of the site can view the site’s contents. It is like a digital room where only authorized people can work and collaborate. It provides features like invitation access only and members management.

Public SharePoint Site: It is also a collaborative space in SharePoint, but this site can be accessed by anyone in the organization. There is no need to invite anyone specifically all members are added to this automatically while you create the site. Additionally, It provides easy access, a larger view, and collaboration.

Hope that you have understood the above description. However, it is necessary to understand “How to change SharePoint site from private to public” but let’s understand the comparison between both 

SharePoint Site Public vs Private

A comparison table is a good way to present a comparison and it also helps to understand the differences between something easily. We are also using a table for this comparison. 

Features Private SharePoint site Public SharePoint site
Access Only access by authorized members. Anyone in the organization
Membership Invitation or added by the Site owner All members of the organization
security High low

After reading this table you can able to find the difference between public and private SharePoint.  However, users can choose privacy settings according to their needs. So, let’s understand how to change SharePoint from private to public.

Methods to Change SharePoint Site From Private to Public (vice & versa)

To convert the SharePoint site from private to public, there are two methods-

Let’s discuss all these methods in detail and the steps to perform them.

Change Privacy Settings Using SharePoint Site

The owner of the site can able to change the access from private to public easily, by following the below-mentioned simple steps.

Step 1. Log in to your SharePoint Site and verify your privacy settings- Look into the upper right corner (private or public, if your privacy setting is public you can follow this step and able to change it to private.)

verify the assces setting

Step 2. Click the setting button in the upper right corner to open a new dialogue. Click on the site information link-

Setting bar

Step 3. A new dialogue will be opened – scroll to privacy setting

site information

Step 4. Click on drop-down and select public (private in case of public access control in step one ) – click on save.

save privacy settingsWoohoo! The privacy settings are changed you can verify from the upper left corner.

Change SharePoint site from private to public

Change Using PnP Powershell Commands

Let’s see how we can change SharePoint Site from private to public using Powershell.
Now Execute these commands into your PowerShell.

#initial parameter
$SiteURL = "Enter SharePoint site URL HERE!" 
Try {
    #code to connect PnP Online platform
    Connect-PnPOnline -Url $SiteURL -Interactive
    #code to list SharePoint site and groups
    $Site = Get-PnPSite -Includes GroupId 
    #command to change privacy settings
    Set-PnPMicrosoft365Group -Identity $Site.GroupID -IsPrivate:$False
    # Change “IsPrivate:$True”  if you are changing from public to private
    Write-host "privacy setting is updated to the public" -f Green   
Catch {
    write-host -f Red "`tError:" $_.Exception.Message

Woohoo! You have learned how to change SharePoint from private to public (vice and versa)


In this write-up, we have defined all methods to change SharePoint site from private to public using PowerShell and manual techniques.  However, we have also explained the vice and versa of this method and explain all points related to it in detail. Additionally, we have mentioned a migration scenario and steps to migrate using a suggested software by professional experts. Go through this Guide if you face issues changing the privacy settings in SharePoint online.