Learn How to Access Files on OneDrive from Another Computer in 3 Ways

Learn How to Access Files on OneDrive from Another Computer in 3 Ways
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As both OneDrive for business and its personal version continue to make inroads as the go-to cloud storage solution many queries arise. One such popular query is how to access files on OneDrive from another computer. Therefore to address it we have prepared this writeup. It is filled with expert insights on the topic and is guaranteed to provide positive results. Let’s start with the most common way to address this issue.

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Use the OneDrive Desktop App and Access OneDrive Files

The latest versions of the OneDrive for business (and OneDrive) desktop app contain a feature called Files On-Demand. With the help of this feature, the files belonging to one computer can be made available on the other. To use this feature follow the instructions given below.

Stage 1: Source Side

  • Open OneDrive with the help of the icon that is on the Taskbar.
    OneDrive Icon
  • Once the OneDrive utility pane is open click on the gear icon at the top right-hand side.
    Gear Icon
  • After which a drop-down opens up select “Settings” out the options present.
    Settings Option
  • Go to the Sync and Backup tab.
    Sync & Backup tab
  • Open Advanced settings.
    Advanced Settings
  • Click Free up disk space.
    Free up Space

This moves all the files currently residing in the OneDrive folder of the source computer onto the cloud.

Stage 2: Target Side

  • Once again open OneDrive using the icon that appears on the Taskbar.
  • When the OneDrive utility pane is available click on the gear icon top right corner.
  • In the drop-down opens press the “Settings” button.
  • In the window that pops up open the Sync and backup tab.
  • Expand Advanced settings. 
  • Click Download all files.
    Download all Files

This brings all the files in the OneDrive cloud onto the target computer. 

How to Access Files on OneDrive from Another Computer Using Web Browser?

A simple solution to this problem is to use the browser-based OneDrive application on the target PC.

  • Open any browser
  • Type in https://onedrive.live.com/login/
    Login to OneDrive Web
  • Enter your credentials.
  • View, edit, and download items present inside.
    Download Files

Migrate and Access Files on OneDrive from Another Computer Professionally

This query How to Access OneDrive from another computer from the user side, especially in a professional setting often hints at the need for a migration. Therefore, if you are looking to conduct the bulk movement of OneDrive for business accounts then we have a solution for you. The easiest way to transfer cloud data is via the Migrator Wizard OneDrive Migration Utility.

The tool has a simplistic UI and top-of-the-line algorithms to migrate all OneDrive for business accounts in one go. Workload selection, Date Filter application, and User priority setting are just some of the amazing features that the tool has to offer. 

Note: Before heading to the data trasnfer it is a great idea to go through the OneDrive migration best practices first. It ensures error free migration and a sucessful post migration.

Download the trial version and follow these steps as outlined:

Download Now Purchase Now

  • Step 1. Setup and Start the tool then pick endpoints Office 365 as the source (for OneDrive) and G Suite as the target (for Google Drive).
  • Step 2. Scroll down and only select Documents inside the Workload, after which you are free to apply Date filters if need be.
  • Step 3. Use your Admin credentials to Validate the data transfer request at both source and target.
  • Step 4. Complete User Mapping with one of the three available options such as Fetch, Import, or Download.
  • Step 5. Preview >> Select >> Validate and Start migration.

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With this write-up, all readers can now answer how to access files on OneDrive from another computer without fail. Here we covered the reasons along with the possible solutions. The given manual workarounds are for resolving individual queries. If an entire organization wants its OneDrive data to appear in another location then this calls on for a data migration. So as a result, we have also put in the basic steps to use the most capable migration solution.

Frequently Asked Questions on Accessing OneDrive from Another Computer

Q 1. How can I access my OneDrive files from another computer?

Individuals who are struggling with this situation have two separate ways out of this:

First, through the OneDrive website: Visit https://onedrive.live.com/login/ and sign in with your Microsoft account. This allows you to view, upload, download, and edit most file types directly in your web browser.

The second is using the OneDrive desktop app: Install the OneDrive app on the other computer. Sign in with your Microsoft account and choose which folders you want to sync locally. This allows offline access and automatic syncing of your files between devices.

Q 2. Do I need to install anything to access OneDrive from another computer?
If you go through the web browser route, then there is no need for installation. However, installing the OneDrive desktop app offers advantages like offline access and automatic syncing. Moreover, multi-account access calls for OneDrive migration. So, you need to install the utility on your workstation.

Q 3. Can I access files on another computer that aren’t synced to my main device?
Yes! As long as you have an internet connection and remember your login credentials, getting access to OneDrive is no tough task. This is because it is available in all forms, web apps, desktop applications, and even mobile apps.

Q4. Why would anyone want to access OneDrive data from another computer?

The following are the major reasons that call for such a case:

  • They may be visiting some remote place and thus are not sure of the bandwidth connectivity.
  • They want to transfer data between devices and are using OneDrive as an intermediary.
  • They are upgrading the device and want to shift some files using this method.